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“Younger women get weeded out because they can’t hold their own in a conversation with him.

It’s not that he’s directing his attention exclusively to older women.” Who is the strapping playboy with the strong chin, mop of curly hair and intense brown eyes?

“[He was] groomed to be with older women,” says the friend.

“His mother [Jacqueline] is smoking hot, he’s the youngest with two older sisters, and even in his awkward phase, he still had this thing that was alluring to older women.

He has a poet’s soul and a business mind.” Schnabel got involved in the restaurant business when one of his best friends, Jeff Zalaznick, whom he met playing basketball 10 years ago, opened Carbone with Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone on Thompson Street last year.

’ ” When he was still a teen, Schnabel curated an exhibit at 250 Hudson St.

through a guy he met playing ball at Chelsea Piers.

“The first time I met Vito, when he was about 8, it was at Jacqueline’s kitchen at the Frank Lloyd Wright table they have, and Vito was arguing with [now-deceased poet] René Ricard about how to boil a quail egg,” says Librizzi.

“I said, ‘Wow, who the hell is this kid going to be when he grows up?

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Schnabel is an art dealer and curator who held his first exhibition at 16.