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He first realised he had a talent for stand-up when his colleagues at the call centre laughed at his stories.

' Alan: 'I don't know, Dad, but I can show you through expressive dance.' Despite their differences, father and son remain close, and Alan insists that both his parents are proud of him.Me and Justin [his comedy partner on The Sunday Night Project, Justin Lee Collins] were asked to present Kylie with a gong at last year's Q Awards.She gave us a big kiss and we were joking with her and I thought, "This is great".Alan with co-star Justin Lee Collins and Pamela Anderson After a successful run of gigs at the 2005 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, he did a stint as a warm-up man for Jonathan Ross and then got his big break co-presenting The Friday Night Project (now The Sunday Night Project) with bearded Bristolian comic Justin Lee Collins. His Tooth Fairy tour was a sell-out and the the DVD of the show, which is televised this week, sold more than half a million copies; he has his own Channel 4 game show, Celebrity Ding Dong, which has been recommissioned for another series, and an autobiography due to be published in October. Some critics even say he's too 'mainstream' to be funny.He accepts he's not everyone's cup of tea, but credits his mother for his sense of humour. He'll say, "I've got a joke for you", and they're so awful.

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They're always a little bit disappointed because they want you to join the army, or be a doctor.