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While boarding is typically only offered to older students (grade 8 ), private day schooling is available from K to 12.

[Read More] Available throughout much of Canada and at all ages, all-girls schools have remained popular with parents who want their daughters to develop a strong sense of themselves and their abilities as women.

Different schools offer varying levels of support to children with ADHD/ADD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and attention deficit disorder), dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder, Asperger's syndrome, deafness, exceptional abilities and so on.

The degree of support offered varies depending on the school.

Once considered outdated and a privilege reserved for the elite, several have now become an affordable schooling alternative open to all seeking excellence in primary and secondary education.Critics argue the presence of boys broadens the intellectual and recreational environment and reflects the "real world" girls face upon graduation.[Read More] Like girls schools, all-boys schools have remained popular with parents who value the unique environment it provides their sons.Immersion schools are appropriate for bright students who welcome the extra cognitive and academic challenge.[Read More] Often conflated with Montessori schools (incorrectly), Waldorf schools focus on developing the "whole child" -- emphasizing collaborative, hands-on learning, along with the arts and music, which are integrated into all areas of study. Their intellectual forefather is Rudolf Steiner, who believed the educator's first task should be to help students develop an aesthetic appreciation for life and learning.

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Proponents of coed schools say the presence of both genders creates a diverse intellectual and extracurricular environment for students and best reflects the world students will encounter as adults.

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