Valentines day if you just started dating

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Valentines day if you just started dating

Instead, bring it up to your boyfriend/girlfriend/"friend" and have a mature conversation about your plans. Think: a nice (but not too expensive) dinner, bringing your girlfriend a modest bouquet of flowers, writing your boyfriend/girlfriend an endearing but light-hearted note, making a mixed tape/CD etc. Don't be sad or insulted if your new flame isn't too over eager about celebrating the "Day of Love" with you quite yet.

Finally, on February 14th, dress the part, put a smile on your face, and don't act uncomfortable at all. If you do this, your new relationship will survive Valentines Day without the added pressure the holiday normally brings on!

We like Montes Cherub not only because of its price point and Valentine's-themed label, but also because it's one tasty vino.

The fresh, red fruit notes and smooth finish pairs well with sushi, salmon, shrimp pasta, and any lighter dish you may whip up for her.

What she’d love even more than a well-intended, mildly awkward massage from you is 60 minutes with a professional who can actually work out the knots and relieve stress for her.

If you want to get in on the action, use an app like Soothe or Zeal to bring a massage therapists to your home for a relaxing date night.

Whether she’s a hopeless romantic or totally anti-Valentine’s Day, no girl can resist swooning at the sight of a gorgeous bouquet.

But, let's be honest: if you've been seeing someone for a month of less, chances are the whole flowers/candy/expensive dinner/jewelry thing probably won't happen for you.

If it feels a little soon to frame your couplehood, grab a shot of her dog from IG.

If all else fails, give it as is—if she’s a woman under 40, chances are pretty high she has at least one Instax pinned to the fridge that needs a nice home.

You can’t be doling out sparkly jewelry or intimate lingerie before you even have a toothbrush at her place.

But showing up with a crappy card will definitely get you in hot water, even if you’re just a few dates in. Here are eight thoughtful gifts that strategically say “I like you and want to keep dating”—no more, no less—while making her feel special on the most romantic day of the year.

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