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I’m not excusing all his terrible behavior with a simple, “Poor Don, it’s probably not his fault.” I’m not giving this guy any wiggle room here.

It’s only been one month since Sarah and Lee Reed exchanged vows, but now the newlywed with terminal cancer is re-teaching her husband the dos and don’ts of dating in hopes that he’ll land a partner after her death.

Clingy Being in a healthy relationship is not easy.

Well, he will go an extra mile to make the relationship work, calls you and arranges romantic dinner dates with you quite often.

In the meantime, in those states without sexting laws, sexting may still be punished under pre-existing laws that target child pornography.

I remember college and hitting on girls and my only worry was getting too drunk on a date (sorry mom and anyone I dated in college).

Identity thieves are looking for your information and they can use online dating to find it.

Now, she’s more interested in “superballer” men with high-paying careers.

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