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Sfl tap online dating

I encourage you to speak your defense and your experiences of the IFB as well as your support of the information on this site.

Finally, please feel free to participate in our monthly survey (poll changes will depend on the amount of interest this site generates).

Since leaving the IFB in 1999, I have encountered many people who have come from not only IFB churches, but also other Christian churches with similar experiences of spiritual abuse.

Although I understand that good things still happen in IFB churches and that many people are brought to the Lord and salvation, I still believe that the IFB operates much like a cult.

When it comes to church, however, I find it unacceptable that there should be such “bad stuff”.

Are we not supposed to be an example of Christ to the world?

Afterall, God can use a cult to bring people to him.

The focus of this site, therefore, is the issue of spiritual abuse and deception in the IFB churches.I’m convinced that much of the world’s difficulties, including Atheism, is a direct result of this “bad stuff” from the church.I have spoken with many Atheists who explain to me reasons behind their decision to become an Atheists and they are very similar to the experiences I had growing up in my IFB church.I’ve been accused of making the fallacy of hasty generalizations or that I’m simply over generalizing based on just my experience.While I can’t say that every IFB church is run in a spiritually abusive manner since that would be an impossible claim to knowledge, I can easily infer, based on my experience with multiple IFB churches and based on others who I’ve talk to or shared their stories on this site, that most are.

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