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Queeria dating portal

My next question to you is why, in your opinion, Russian and Ukrainian women are looking for Western men? Lack of “normal” men at home, search for a better life abroad or looking indeed for love?

: In my opinion, definitely, lack of “normal” men in Russia and Ukraine.

Today I talk to a pretty Ukrainian lady Ira who is a blogger and has gathered a lot of experience with communication with foreigners online. On my first blog, I tell my readers about Estonia from the migrants’ point of view.

In my opinion, many Russian and Ukrainian ladies believe that men in the Western world have the potential to be better husbands and fathers than men in their region.

In all probability, I’m looking for a happy medium to create my family and live together.

I do not like alcoholics, idiots or boring intellectuals.

Furthermore, I have several blogs on photography and needlework. And recently, I decided to create a new blog in English so that people from other countries can read about events taking place in Ukraine. My friend finally married an Israeli and moved to Tel Aviv. I have experiences with dating Ukrainian men and foreign men. I found out that there are very many strange and mentally ill people.

You told me that you have a great experience with International online dating. But I am happy about the fact that there are also very nice people. They do not offer anything other than sex for one or two times.

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Consequently, most Ukrainian women become materialistic because they have to think about their children (the women make any effort to survive and feed their children). I think that the poorer the country, the more commercialism.