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No sign in free sex chat msg au

If the control was instructed to connect to any address other than the server, it would not match the server's hash and thus authentication would fail.A few later third party clients could authenticate without the control and were adjusted to compensate for this change.The versions of MSN Chat were designed from IRC3 through to IRC8, Even with the newer versions, MSN Chat still had the possibility to replicate older MSN Chat versions by issuing the IRCVERS command.It is believed that IRC referred to the original IRC Daemon, and IRC2 referred to IRCX.

In the beginning, shortly after the move from Microsoft Chat, the MSN Chat Network could be directly connected to through any IRC Client to com on port 6667.

These simulation chat networks are often referred to as "MSN Chat Clones".

These are generally small chat networks, which often rely on home-made IRC servers, or IRCX servers.

To ensure the MSN Chat network was only being connected to by authorized clients, Microsoft created and implemented a SASL based Security Service Provider authentication package known as Gate Keeper.

This used a randomized session key to authorize users not using the Microsoft Passport (now Microsoft account) system.

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