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again thanks to everyone who replied.....except anthony d. Ya, my plan was to put the cheapest rotors on my bike so I could take it to the track and ride it like its a brand new bike, have the rotors explode, and fling myself and the remains of my bike into as many people as possible.

You, and all the other overreactors on these forums need to reel it in.

The revolutionary products that Hayes Disc Brake introduced set a new standard for hydralic bicycle disc brakes worldwide. Our sole focus is to develop products that outperform in your application and outdo your expectations.

Starting in 1997 with just three US and six international distributors, Hayes Disc Brake now serves customers in more than 50 countries with warehouses in the US, Europe and Asia. Hayes has been around for decades, surpassing industry standards and setting the curve in performance.

The Brakebook also allows customers to create printable catalogues tailored to their individual requirements and in the desired formats.

Customers can create their own catalogues for the entire product range, a selection of products, articles for particular manufacturers or even for special models by using current data and the same format templates that TMD Friction uses for its own paper catalogues.

It’s no wonder that companies like Polaris® and Harley-Davidson® turn to us for their disc brakes.

Stay far away from that cheap chinese shit, Ibhave seen/read reports of the discs separating from the buttons, and also of them just cracking in half under heat. Buy the EBC stock replacement rotors from Motomummy. Taking it to mechanic tomorrow for a second opinion.

Hayes Brake has been leading the pack in brake technology since 1946.

That same commitment to breakthrough design and performance was extended to the mountain bike market in 1997 when Hayes Disc Brake was formed.

The last ebay/chinese disc I bought had a warning sticker saying "not for race use".

I had Arashi wave rotors on my bike (was installed by previous owner) and I even took the bike to a trackday.

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they typically go for CHEAP CHEAP, which means they very well may be melting down cast iron pots and pans, stoves you name it then pouring that into a rotor, they pretty much have to in order for it to be cost effective shipped top other countries rotors are a science, companies who knock off rotors in sweat shops in China DO NOT employ scientists, they employ minimum wage workers in an effort to make a profit!