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Intimidating witness california

Furthermore, the state boards of many professions that require licensing, such as doctors, nurses, lawyers, contractors, teachers, real estate agents and stock brokers, all require background checks.

A professional who has a witness intimidation charge on their record risks losing thier professional license, or never acquiring it in the first place.

Witness intimidation is considered a crime of moral turpitude under California state law.

Having a witness intimidation conviction can prevent a person from finding a job or result in a person being fired from their current job.

Any person who knowingly and maliciously prevents or dissuades a victim or witness from attending court or giving testimony is guilty of witness intimidation, has violated Penal Code section 136.1(a)(1).

Any person who knowingly and maliciously to prevent or dissuade a victim or witness from attending court or giving testimony has also violated Penal Code section 136.1(a)(2).

The defendant maliciously prevented or discouraged (or tried to prevent or discourage) a person from arresting or causing or seeking the arrest of someone in connection with a crime; AND 2.There are also some people who have been wrongfully accused of criminal threats, based on a misunderstanding or false evidence.You need an attorney that will listen to your side of the story carefully, who will evaluate the evidence thoroughly, who will negotiate with the judge and the District Attorney’s office skillfully, and who will fight in trial aggressively.Choosing the right criminal defense law firm will be the most important decision someone can make when facing witness intimidation charges.Many people who face witness intimidation charges are good people who made a mistake or exercised poor judgment.

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(G)(i) An order protecting a victim or witness of violent crime from all contact by the defendant, or contact, with the intent to annoy, harass, threaten, or commit acts of violence, by the defendant.