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But the award of the Netherlands does not make her proud.

The award is actually a return to the Dutch government.

Not working as government physician hired by the Dutch government, making dr. In 1912, he was with Douwes Dekker and Suwardi Suryaningrat (Ki Hajar Dewantara) founded the Indische Partij, a political party which is the first party to strive to achieve Indonesia’s independence.

When the centenary year of the independent Netherlands French colonial, Dutch colonial pemeritah in Indonesia are planning to celebrate on a large scale (in Indonesia). The Netherlands is considered not appropriate to celebrate its independence prominently in colonial countries such as Indonesia at that time.

Akibat tulisan tersebut, dia diberhentikan dari pekerjaannya sebagai dokter pemerintah.

Tidak bekerja sebagai dokter pemerintah yang diupah oleh pemerintahan Belanda, membuat dr. Pada tahun 1912, dia bersama Douwes Dekker dan Suwardi Suryaningrat (Ki Hajar Dewantara) mendirikan Indische Partij, sebuah partai politik yang merupakan partai pertama yang berjuang untuk mencapai Indonesia merdeka.

Cipto Mangunkusumo initial struggle, the man born Pecangakan, Ambarawa in 1886, it started since he often wrote essays that tell about the suffering of the people due to the Dutch colonization.

In addition, other active Bumiputera Committee, he also did a lot of struggles through his writings that his tone is always criticizing the Dutch government in Indonesia.

Some associations are intended to arouse nationalism has also been established and cultivated.

But not until a year, he was sent back to Indonesia because he suffered an attack of asthma. Because of its activities in the Volksraad, he had another penalty from the Dutch government.

He was forced by the Dutch left the Solo, the town where he lived at that time.

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