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Sometimes I find myself figuring out ways to revert to old behaviors and try to squash his enthusiasm. If a younger man loves an older woman to the core, there’s no stopping the forward momentum on a very exciting path. A younger man gets inspiration from your evolution into being an older woman. Don’t try to appease him by agreeing with everything he says. Have your own opinions and share conversation based on opposing ideas. This is a no-brainer, as a younger man wants his older woman to keep up with him, in both word and deed. The endorphins need to keep flowing for this partnership to last, and daily exercise and a healthy diet will keep the heart and body on fire. Maca is available in health food stores, it helps the endocrine system, balances hormones, increases vitality, energy and sexuality in both men and women, and has been my savior since I hit that “change of life” we so often dread in our 50’s. It’s as if you have a hall pass to get silly and crazy together. Travel together and the experience of the partnership just went up a notch. My pistons aren’t firing like they were back in my 30’s, but hey, he doesn’t care. A spiritual practice is essential in keeping up with a younger man. Well, when you are centered and confident and happy, the younger man will follow in your footsteps. Before long, you are sharing this incredible way of living and the peace and serenity together moves you both forward on a spiritual path. As “cougars”, it’s easy to get carried away with our own agendas completely disregarding what the “cub” brings to the table. Nothing keeps a younger man around more than a supportive older woman who is in awe of his talents and abilities. I don't know about you, but I apologize all the time. I decided to keep a running tally — every apology that crossed my lips or mind — to see just how bad I've got apologitis. I’m sorry I stupidly said, “I’m sorry,” when you finally bothered to turn your head to acknowledge my presence.

Try not to allow judgement from others sway your love for each other. Sure you have some potential disagreements and conflict.

I’m also sorry I cry when I’m sad, happy, and when I can’t even tell you why — like the time you found me bawling beside a half-empty bottle of merlot while sitting on your kitchen floor in front of the stove and the soggy risotto.

I hope you’ll take it as a good sign that I cry this much around you.

No matter the age difference (mine is almost 9 years! They adore your mind, your ability to make strong decisions, a well-kept body and even a few gray hairs. It brings a continual spark to the whole relationship and gives each of you something to always think about. I might even throw in a road trip or two, just to make sure that we’ve covered all the bases of our togetherness and can actually stand each other after spending so much time in the car. As long as I love him and show it, patience comes through in spades.

), the energy that this man infuses to my life on a daily—no, make that hourly—basis is the epitome of new-found bliss.

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