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However, the eccentric nature of the Martian orbit is such that true minimum phase does not occur until April 12th, by which time its phase has reduced slightly further to 87%.across the inhabited world.However, the planet's high Southern declination at this time means that this is not the case; in fact, observers at Southerly latitudes see the planet for a longer period before sunrise than observers at Northerly latitudes.

For more details on this and the other planetary conjunctions invoving of a celestial body is 0), means that it rises in the East from most of the inhabited world, with the exception of high-Northern latitudes (i.e.From 01 hours UT on March 19th to 11 hours UT (March 20th) sketched by British amateur astronomer Paul Abel in March 2016 using an 8-inch Newtonian reflector telescope at 200x magnification.The planet was in the first half of its 2015-17 apparition and measured 11".5 in diameter when seen through telescopes (in this case, 88% illumination).companion of magnitude 6.1, positioned 3'.5 to the West, visible in binoculars and small telescopes.With the arrival of June, the Red Planet's apparent motion against the stars has slowed considerably, from 0 (Westward), a situation which will continue over the next two months.

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without planet path); observers may wish to use the 'clean' star map as an aid to plotting the planet's position on a specific night - in which case, a printable version can be found imaged by Ed Grafton (Houston, Texas, USA) at the planet's previous very close passage to the Earth in August 2003.