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Barbie butterfly ea princesa fada online dating

Bibble is worried that he will embarrass himself and won't belong with his friend's friends, so Elina tells him the story of Mariposa, a butterfly fairy who lives in a far-off palace called Flutterfield, an island kingdom in Fairytopia populated by fairies with butterfly wings.Henna, the jealous butterfly fairy and the attendant of the queen of Flutterfield, has poisoned the queen in an attempt to take over the kingdom.

The queen's captain of the guards holds him in a conversation, and another fairy sought the prince and freed him. The mermaids tell the four braves where to find the Cave of Reflections, and they fly towards it eagerly, but find that the cave was guarded by Skeezites.Barbie Mariposa & The Fairy Princess is the 25th Barbie movie. The story continues the journey of Mariposa with her new friend Princess Catania in a new adventure."Mariposa and her furry friend Zee return in Barbie Mariposa & the Fairy Princess.This is the first film in the series which Kelly Sheridan did not voice Mariposa, played by Barbie, but, however, voiced Barbie's Fairytopia character, Elina.The film centers on Mariposa, a shy butterfly fairy, who went on a dangerous adventure to save their queen and their land of Flutterfield.

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Mariposa eventually discovers that it was Henna who poisoned the queen, so she races to cure her with the antidote.

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