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I gave him my best glare as I stonily crossed my arms in front of my chest."It's not MY fault that you suck at knocking.

Jerk." I really didn't want to have this conversation with him right now.

It's okay that you want to try and find that.""But isn't it, I don't know, embarrassing that I'm resorting to finding someone online? ""Hardly ever," I noted, looking at my heavily inked calendar lying on my desk.

" My voice came out a bit whinier than intended, but I was feeling pretty desperate to have to resort to meeting someone online as opposed to the normal way most people met their partners.

It's weird for them to be meeting for the first time, and it's weird for us to be there. But I will say that this season there are some incredible love connection happy endings.

Max and I kind of look at each other, and we're like, "Oh, is it our time to go? "I have very little experience with dating websites.

Klaine AU – Despite growing up in Ohio hours apart, Kurt and Blaine never met. Santana really did have the best intentions, but I was not always on board with her ideas.

"Kurt, I've known you since freshman year of college. You act all strong and tough, but really you're a romantic and you want to have a loving, long-lasting relationship. When would you honestly have time to hit up a bar or even just meet new people?

And you've seen how happy I am."I looked at her, puzzled. I don't think they'd understand that meeting someone online is kosher in the new millennium.

But, it's true, Brittany and I met through this exact site online years ago and here we are – five years later – and endlessly happy.""I never realized, San," I said, looking again at the site in front of me.

So much so that we lived two blocks away from each other and would often walk to work together. It was great for her job since she would do whatever she could to get coverage for our bands, but when it came to our friendship it meant that she was always a little over-involved in my life – specifically my love life. And I know you're not looking for a one-night thing, that's not who you are.

It wasn't because she was intentionally being overbearing; it was because she really cared."Look," she said, her eyes and tone taking on a more serene tone. You are fiercely loyal and exceedingly loving and one night with some guy won't cut it for you.

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I sighed as I typed mindlessly on my keyboard, filling in the required information to start an account.

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