Afr can cam chat g rls

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Afr can cam chat g rls

The energy equation gets even more skewed by the inefficiency of the generator used in the girls’ project.

That does not mean that the girls’ device is just a form of parlor trick, however — in fact, the real significance and motivation behind the project may have been lost by those trying to sell it as an advance in sustainable energy.

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Using secondhand or other easy-to-find parts, these high school students were able to build a device that separated hydrogen gas from urine, to create a system to purify and store that gas, and to convert a traditional generator into one that worked with that hydrogen gas.A device built by a team of high school girls in Nigeria generates electricity from urine.The urine alone is not generating the electricity, and the device uses more energy than it produces.Duro-Aina Adebola, the 14-year-old who came up with the project, explained how the group used an old car battery for this step, in a documentary produced by the youth-oriented African television program While it is not clear whether the chemicals remaining in the car battery or the bacteria feeding off the urine are used to generate a current (both explanations have been positied in media reports), scientists agree that the device does not produce a net gain in energy.Gerardine Botte, a professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at Ohio University, told [I]t takes more energy to extract hydrogen from urine than you end up getting in return as electricity.

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