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Would you rather be able to sleep only two hours per night or read minds? ” “See if there are things in this person’s profile that the two of you have in common — like number of siblings, pets, travels or schools — and point out that you both share those similarities,” advises Dr. For example, try something like: “I went to Gotham City high school, too. ” Icebreaker #12: “Tell me two truths — and a lie.” This is an opener you can have some fun with, because it’s a bit silly.

Send your own two truths and one lie and then ask the receiver to guess which is which and invite him or her to do the same for you.

Here are some examples to try: Would you rather always find the perfect parking space or always find your missing keys/socks/wallet?

Would you rather be a movie star or a celebrity chef? Would you rather climb a mountain or learn to surf?

“My number-one suggestion is to actually read the person’s profile and reference what things you liked in it, and then ask a question (or questions) specific to that particular profile. ” If a woman mentions the kind of job she has, ask her about it.

Or, ask a guy what the highlight of his workday happened to be in your subject line. ” Be sure to ask for a specific opinion if you go this route.

Good examples for filling in the blank include: “restaurants to try,” “books to read,” or “cities to visit.” Icebreaker #2: “Have you ever_____?

” “Think of something unusual you think this person might like to do,” advises Tina B. D., author of Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Fighting about the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage.

If it’s someone who likes history or culture, mention an art gallery or historic landmark in your town. ” “Mention a recent movie or an upcoming event in your area and ask if the person has already seen it — or plans to sometime soon,” adds Dr. “This can spark a good conversation.” However, be sure to read your message out loud before sending it.Icebreaker #4: “I’m intrigued by…” Mention what interests you and what you liked about the other person’s online dating profile.“I have been on and off of and am actually dating a guy from there now,” says Amy Jo Beaver, a health coach in Atlanta." So I came up with a few icebreakers in advance and, lo and behold, they totally worked!Now I'm asking every girl I meet silly questions. If you were a character on Friends, which one would you be?

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“My advice would be to think about your first contact like it’s a conversation, not an electronic solicitation,” counsels Dr.

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